Self-taught, organized, adaptive and pragmatic full stack web developer since 2000. Worked for corporate companies, agencies and startups.

Used to use the technologies such as PHP, CodeIgniter, Symphony, Cakephp, Laravel, MySql, PostgreSql, MS SQL, SQL Lite, Mongo DB, CouchDB, PouchDB, Ruby on Rails and Node.js, Bower, Foundation, Bootstrap, Sass, Coffe, Jade, GulpJs, GruntJs, BackboneJs, AngularJs, VueJs, Express, Electron, Passport, Commander.js, Bluebird, Async, Request, PM2, SocketIO, Mocha, Chai, Nodemailer and ES6. Of course, APIs are common in my daily life, developing or consuming (Facebook API, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, Google APIs, etc).

Since 2009, I started my journey as an entrepreneur. I developed strong skills to lead teams and make them more productive and organized. Public speaking is included too, I'm comfortable to present workshops, lectures, services, products or companies.

Nowadays I'm working as IT consultant to help startups bootstrap themselves using lean startups concepts to expand their vision and capabilities.

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